Why have an ATM

On your property:   At your business:

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Why have an ATM on your property:

Four words: Small space, high rent
Due to the high profitability of an ATM, most companies will pay many times the usual square foot rate for the right location. And be the perfect absentee tenant while providing a convenience to the customer and increased sales to the other tenants.

Why have an ATM at your business:

  • An ATM customer will spend 20-25% more than a non-ATM customer.
  • The average amount withdrawn is $60.45.
  • In large retail stores 30 - 35% of the withdrawal is spent in the store before customer leaves; retention among smaller retailers is 25 - 30%; and night clubs are seeing as much as 70 - 80% of the dispensed cash staying at the club.
  • 60% of those making over $40,000 a year use ATMs.
  • There are 210 million ATM cards in the US. (That is roughly 85 cards for every 100 customers.)
  • The largest portion of regular ATM users (40%) go to the ATM an average of 10 times a month.

Source: AT&T Global Information Solutions (formerly NCR); MasterCard Consumer Segmentation Study

The new machines are very sophisticated and compact, able to accept debit, ATM, and credit cards. Beside cash, they dispense store coupons, gift certificates, sports tickets, and postal stamps and provide on-screen, full color graphics advertising. The ATM can often be the most profitable six square feet in the establishment.

These sophisticated dispensing machines are virtually exploding in popularity, showing up everywhere from restaurants and convenience stores to malls. The are several good reason for this increasing popularity:

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