In our industry experience, a 24 hr through-the-wall ATM gets used 2-5 times more then an average indoor one.

Make - GTI
Model - TTW-2000

NOTE : This is the same unit also marketed under the name Qualtex WeatherMaster, but with the following $1,150 worth of upgrades:

  1. Upgraded dispensing mechanism (De la Rue SDD1700 instead of Minimech) - double the cash capacity and heavier duty cycle, REAR-LOADING

  2. Enhanced outdoor, sun-viewable color screen

DO NOT confuse with other similarly priced machines such as the Tranax Nano which are really indoor machines, sort of adapted for through-the-wall installation, but not really designed for outdoor use.
This machine is designed specifically for this purpose.

Photo is of actual unit

Compare these design features:

  • A full color screen with graphics which is:

    • High/low temperature tolerant (for outdoor use)

    • Individually ventilated for direct sunlight operation

    • Extra bright, outdoor daylight/sunlight-viewable

    • With vandalism resistant protective window

  • Second screen and keypad for management in back of machine -reachable inconspicuously from inside for your protection

  • All stainless steel construction - for weather and graffiti resistance

  • Completely sealed screen and keypad - for protection against moisture and dust

  • Includes a lit outdoor stainless surround fascia with graphics

  • Uses the most proven and reliable brand of dispensing mechanism in the industry -  De la Rue SDD1700

  • Simple to operate and use

  • Low maintenance

  • Very compact (about 2'x2'x2'), but holds up to about $40,000

  • Machine is pre-owned in like-new condition with a full 1-year manufacturer's warranty