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ATM Business Basics - Answers to the 20 most asked questions about the ATM business

We have been so inundated by calls from people asking information about getting into the ATM business, that we felt it necessary to offer this introductory manual. Written by the founder of a successful, ten year old private ATM company operating throughout US, Canada, and the Caribbean.

It takes no genius to see the income potential from having hundreds of automated employees making you money 24 hrs per day, but most people do not know where to start. If you are considering starting an ATM route, this booklet should answer most of your immediate questions. Please read it in it's entirety BEFORE you call or email with additional questions. 

This booklet is NOT a pitch for a specific company or for you to invest into a "business opportunity" or buy some kind of package or product. It is an honest and objective look at the basics you need to know to make wise decisions about the business based on years of successful experience, including working with many other smaller entrepreneurs.

This booklet will answer the most frequently asked questions about the business and it's basics, allowing you to evaluate the business, decide on your business model, and guide you to your first actions to take.

Table of Contents Introduction Ordering

Table of Contents


1.        Is it too late to get into the ATM business?
2.        How does it work?
3.        How do I make money?
4.        How do I get the money back into my account?
5.        Do I need any licenses?
6.        What about other licenses?
7.        What should be my business model?
8.        What should be my first step?
9.        What about companies offering a "package" deal of a machine and a location?
10.     What makes a good location?
11.     Who loads the money?
12.     What to do once you have a location?
13.     How much does an ATM cost?
14.     What if I have good location, but can't afford the right ATM?
15.     What about financing?
16.     What about the so called "cashless" ATMs or "mini-ATMs"?
17.     Which brand/model ATM should I use?
18.     How to choose an ATM company to work with?
19.     How does the ATM company make money?
20.     What is the "back end" fee I've heard mentioned?
21.     What about locator services?

Appendix A: Comprehensive glossary of ATM terminology
Appendix B:
1) "Zen and the Art of Installation" - step by step instructions  for proper ATM anchoring
2) Anchoring Illustration
(a reprint of a 1999 ATM Magazine article by this booklet's author).

Appendix D:
Cross/Tranax service codes
Appendix E:
Triton service codes
Appendix F: New ATM requirements Update (covers Triple DES, EPP, VISA, and Voice ADA)




If you are considering starting an ATM route or just owning a couple of machines, this introductory brochure should answer most of your immediate questions. Feel free to look around our website or email us with questions after you’ve read this document in it’s entirety


Why this booklet was created -

This pamphlet was created as a response to the overwhelming number of people contacting us, requesting information on getting into the ATM business. We simply could not give the personal attention to all those requesting this information.


Why is there a cost for this booklet?

The $19.95 price of this booklet hardly compensates us for the time it took to create and deliver it. In fact the price mostly goes to cover the administrative cost of responding to the inquiries and sending it out. The real purpose of charging a price is to eliminate those who are not at least marginally serious about getting into the business. In fact, should you ever choose to purchase any products or services from our company, we will refund the full cost of this booklet to you upon your first purchase.


Then why do you only charge $19.95?

It is obvious that the information in this document is worth far more then $19.95. However, we believe that a well informed business partner is a good business partner. Your success is our success.

Our experience shows that even though it takes no special talent or luck to succeed in this business, vast majority of people will recognize the opportunity, but  will never do a thing about it. That is not to say they won’t take a freebie just because it’s there.
We will, however, give the following advice for free – if you feel reluctant to spend $20 to educate yourself about the business, you are, frankly, not ready. Until you are, save yourself the most valuable commodity of all – time. No enterprise has been successfully accomplished without commitment. “Trying” is self delusion.

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And remember - it's a deductible business expense! Thanks IRS.

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