Great  condition - cleaned, tested and guaranteed complete & working

Make - Tranax (formerly Cross) - Has the best reliability reputation in the industry. One of the dominant brands in the US,
Model - Minibank 2100 - This model is two levels up from the entry level models like the Minibank 1000 or the Minibank 1500.

This machine IS upgradeable to the new Triple DES standard

FREE UPGRADE - Includes the famed Kaba Mas (formerly Mas Hamilton) extra-high security, self-powering electronic lock (no batteries required)

Picture is of actual units

  • Guaranteed complete & working


  • Features a full color, graphics capable screen


  • Mas-Hamilton electronic, self-powered lock


  • 2000 note dispensing mechanism


  • Modular design (quicker swap repair = lower downtime)


  • Simple to operate and use


  • Low maintenance


  • Uninstalled, and ready to move


  • Includes all keys, passwords, and safe combos